LED sensor toilet flusher manufacturers show you what to pay attention to in daily toilet cleaning

LED sensor toilet flusher is mainly used in some public places such as hotels, stations, entertainment places and other public toilets. Through the principle of infrared induction, it can automatically flush the toilet with water after you finish toileting.

Jan 12,2023

Introduction to the installation method of Pedal and sensor toilet flush valve

Pedal and sensor toilet flush valve is based on the principle of infrared reflection. When the human body is in the infrared area of the squatting toilet, the infrared rays emitted by the infrared emitting tube are reflected to the infrared receiving tube due to the blocking of the human body.

Jan 06,2023

3 in 1 sensor faucet and soap dispenser working principle

The 3 in 1 sensor faucet and soap dispenser includes a liquid nozzle fixed on the table, a soap bottle installed under the table, a liquid discharge mechanism for hydraulically discharging the soap in the soap liquid bottle, and a liquid discharge mechanism for driving pressure buttons etc.

Dec 29,2022

The sensing principle of Automatic urinary flush valve

Automatic urinary flush valve is a special accessory product. Its existence greatly facilitates the later use of squatting toilets. So what is an automatic flush valve? As the name suggests, they are often installed behind squatting toilets.

Dec 22,2022

What to pay attention to when using Automatic soap dispenser

The use of Automatic soap dispenser seems to be simple, but there are some matters needing attention. The main precautions for using Automatic soap dispenser are.

Dec 16,2022

How the Pedal and sensor toilet flush valve works

We can see in public toilets that some toilets are flushed with a Pedal and sensor toilet flush valve, so that when flushing, you can directly step on it with your feet to avoid cross-infection due to hand contact, which is relatively hygienic and safe .

Dec 09,2022

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