Automatic urinary flush valve makes the bathroom smarter and more environmentally friendly

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, intelligence has quietly entered our lives, and our bathrooms have become more intelligent and humanized. The Automatic urinary flush valve, as a kind of intelligent equipment in the bathroom, is rapidly becoming popular.

Apr 25,2023

What to pay attention to when using Automatic soap dispenser

The use of Automatic soap dispenser seems to be simple, but there are some matters needing attention. The main precautions for using Automatic soap dispenser are.

Dec 16,2022

Common problems encountered when using Medical touchless faucet in life

Medical touchless faucet tells you that with the continuous development of technology, many home appliances are carrying labels that show technology such as the future and black technology.

Aug 09,2022

How the Medical touchless faucet works

Medical touchless faucet is a new convenient and hygienic faucet that uses the principle of infrared reflection to reduce the direct contact between the hand and the faucet, and achieves the effect of saving water resources and preventing faucet damage.

Aug 02,2022

What to look out for when buying a Sensor toilet flusher

When we go to public toilets in some large shopping malls, office buildings, and railway stations, we can see Sensor toilet flushers, which have been widely used. So what should we pay attention to when buying Sensor toilet flushers?

Jul 27,2022

Sensor toilet flusher manufacturers take you to understand how to repair urinal leaks

Sensor toilet flusher is relatively common. When there is a little boy at home, a Sensor toilet flusher can be prepared for him. This kind of toilet flusher requires power and is very convenient. So, how to repair a leaky urinal? Let's take a look at it below.

Jul 19,2022

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